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Partial Protea Wreath Full Protea Wreath
STYLE #2 $135
18” partially decorated grapevine wreath protea, greenery with holiday decor
price includes tax & local delivery (Maui)
STYLE #1 $225
18” fully decorated with protea flowers, greenery and holiday decor
price includes tax & local delivery (Maui)

Evidence of the origin of protea plants can be found in 300 million year old fossils that indicate these plants are some of the oldest in the world. Today, it is grown only in select areas including on the island of Maui and on the african continent.

The name protea is derived from the Greek mythological god Proteus who had the power to spontaneously change his shape. Appropriately named, there are over 1500 varieties with 90 of them grom here on the island of Maui.


The unique beauty of your fresh protea will begin its natural drying stage within 10 - 15 days. To promote the best drying results possible, simply let nature take it's course. Though the Maui sun cared for your protea as it bloomed the golden rule for protea care is that it should not be placed in direct sun or kept in a damp place.

Removing dust from your design is easily accomplished by using a hair dryer on a low setting.

Displaying your protea design in a dry shaded area and watch the fresh beautiful colors transform into muted tones to enjoy for years to come.


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